1 Piece BBQ Gloves/High-Temperature Resistance Oven Mitts

1 Piece BBQ Gloves/High-Temperature Resistance Oven Mitts

1 Piece BBQ Gloves/High-Temperature Resistance Oven Mitts

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Grills are so hot, so avoid getting your hands burned using this high-temperature resistant grill glove. It's ideal for your outdoor barbeque party, microwaving, and other cooking styles. Made of Aramid material for providing excellent heat, fire, and flame resistant properties. Non-toxic and non-slip silicone surface, really environmentally friendly.

Its hook design makes storage more convenient, saves space, and prevents the growth of bacteria, this high-quality barbecue gloves protect your hands from the heat when you're grilling while still giving you enough dexterity to handle tongs and knives, absolutely perfect choice for your home kitchen, or wouldn't it just be easier to have a good pair of grill gloves to improve your barbecue experience?

Item Description:

  1. Material: The outer layer made of aramid 1313, inner fiber cotton yarn, silicone for non-slip surface, heat-resistant up to 500 ° C / 932 Fahrenheit temperature resistance.
  2. Length: 33cm
  3. Craft: Double knit, excellent insulation and cooling function, easy to clean.
  4. Style: Comes with different designs and colors.
  5. Temperature resistance: 10-15 seconds of high-temperature resistance
  6. Important note: package contains 1 piece of grilling glove only, but you can use either your left or right hand.
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  8. Estimated delivery time: 2-3 weeks
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I'm happy with my experience, customer service is awesome, my item was delivered on time and surprise it was exactly as described! Would definitely order again.

Geoff- UK

My order was safely shipped and packed well, fast and free shipping. I recommend it!

Leo Clarke - Denver
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